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  • Profile image for Cally Worden

    Cally Worden

    Welfare Rights Apprentice

    Direct Services Operations – Money and work

    I wanted to do something meaningful, something for myself. It’s the nicest team I’ve ever worked in.

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    I have had various Cancer experiences within my family. I lost my dad when I was 10. My brother had Stage 3 cancer through 2019, we nearly lost him as well.

    That triggered a re-alignment of my own values and where I wanted to go in my life.

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  • Profile image for Helen Topping

    Helen Topping

    Volunteer Services Delivery Lead

    Volunteering Development and Operations

    My role is to encourage, motivate and train volunteers to listen and emotionally support people living with Cancer. You’re making a difference to people every day.

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    I have a customer facing role, working directly with people who have Cancer and just knowing that you’re having an impact with one phone call and hearing the positive change in their voice is the best part of my role.

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  • Profile image for Matt Jarvis

    Matt Jarvis

    Cancer Information Services Manager

    I think Macmillan is innovative and inspire people and they are always look at what you can bring.

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    I have worked in cancer services with NHS for 8 years. I’ve worked with people with cancer and I wanted to work in a different field but still be able to provide service to people living with cancer. I wanted to apply my skills that I learnt with NHS and be able to spend quality time with people and help them release their fears and help them relax.

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  • Profile image for Ellis Baldwin

    Ellis Baldwin

    Client Services Manager

    Content Studio

    I love working in an environment where everyone is working with shared purpose towards a shared goal.

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    I’m passionate about our cause and our work, the role looked amazing, and – having worked for a charity previously – I knew I’d be working alongside people who are driven, well-intentioned and supportive.

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