Ellis Baldwin

Client Services Manager

Content Studio


  • What makes you get out of bed every morning?

    Knowing that I’m going to spend my time working on projects that I find interesting and meaningful, and that everything ladders up to helping make a positive difference to people at what could be the hardest time of their life.

  • Why is Macmillan a great career choice?

    Great people. Rewarding work. Supportive culture. Potential for career exploration and growth. Flexibility.

  • What is the one invention you wish existed but doesn’t?

    Never-ending hot water bottle.

  • What is your hidden talent?

    I was a university cheerleader so am unexpectedly skilled at throwing people in the air.

  • What made you want to apply for a role at Macmillan?

    I’m passionate about our cause and our work, the role looked amazing, and – having worked for a charity previously – I knew I’d be working alongside people who are driven, well-intentioned and supportive.

  • What is your favourite part about working for Macmillan?

    I love working in an environment where everyone is working with shared purpose towards a shared goal.

  • What does a typical day look like for you in your role?

    As a Client Services Manager in the Content Studio, I spend my days providing creative consultancy, supporting colleagues to develop briefs, reviewing content and managing creative projects through our studio. I meet with so many different people, teams and agencies and work on a wide variety of different projects – no day looks the same!