Richard Dodd

Director of Digital



  • What made you want to apply for a role at Macmillan?

    The opportunity to:

    • Work for an organisation whose purpose is to make a real difference to people’s lives
    • Work with creative people motivated around the cause who want to make a difference
    • To define and evolve Macmillan’s digital strategy
    • To build out Macmillan’s Digital capabilities and evolve our service design.
    • To work with sector leading technologies and digital platforms
    • Macmillan’s values 
    • Macmillan’s commitment to EDI
    • The value that Macmillan places on its people, they mental health and wellbeing.
  • What does a typical day look like for you in your role?

    Looking after my division - A mixture of personal development, progression, wellbeing and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be themselves, be heard and contribute.

    Ideation and taking time to think about how we evolve our digital strategy and innovate

    Making sure we are on point and delivery our digital product roadmap 

    Being available to my peers and colleagues to join the dots and support each other

    MS teams calls to move digital projects and delivery forward

    F2F where possible to move digital projects and delivery forward

    Being part of the broader governance and director/leadership community and participating in boards and governance to deliver out strategy.

  • Why is Macmillan a great career choice?

    The opportunity to make a difference and influence not only what we do, how we do and what we do next.

    The opportunity to work for an organisation that I feel care about its staff.

    An opportunity to work for an organisation that places focus on personal development and opportunity for growth and career opportunities.

  • Is there a quote that motivates you?

    When you make a mistake that’s AOK .. its what you do next and what you learnt that matters.

  • What makes you get out of bed every morning?


    My children

    I feel I can make a difference at Macmillan

    I am motivated by the people I work with

    I want to be part of something special making a real difference to people’s lives

  • What is the one invention you wish existed but doesn’t?

    Endless coffee cup

  • What is your favourite part about working for Macmillan?

    In short variety… no single days is the same.

    The people, they matter, and care and we look out for each other.

    With drive, with heart and with ambition you can make a difference and influence strategy and delivery for our core audiences.