Luke Jackson

Hi everyone!

My name is Luke and I’m one of the 2022 cohort of Interns who worked within Macmillan’s Information Governance team!

One of the most attractive things about Macmillan is the values-driven nature of the organisation and the people working here! This flows throughout the workplace culture – everyone is very accommodating with any individual circumstances you have, and it feels as though you’re valued as a person and not just an employee! It surprised me how lovely and helpful everyone is here - there’s always someone to learn from and people are always happy to sit down for a tea break and chat! Macmillan is also surprisingly large which means you’re always being exposed to new people, new experiences and get to see first hand how large organisations function.

My Macmillan internship has been an extremely rewarding experience. I valued the fact that I was trusted with a lot of responsibility at an early stage, conducting regulatory risk assessments and auditing from the get-go. The best thing about working in InfoGov is being able to work with all manner of cool upcoming projects and people throughout the organization. The wide variety of work has been a great opportunity both in terms of developing my personal confidence, and in helping to develop a vision for what I want professionally as well.

I’m most proud of the fact that throughout my internship I’ve now developed enough confidence to lead on big projects and to manage relationships upwards and with people less senior than me, which is something I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with doing before I started! I’m now a Senior Information Governance Officer within the InfoGov team and I’m leading on two big projects within the team! My advice for anyone taking the internship is to get stuck in and take up as many opportunities as possible as you’ll never know where they might take you.